final mOMents in dc

love notes
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in love with 1960s white lace top via etsy
 tomorrow at this time we’ll be heading to the bus for our week-long journey to nyc with a focus on replenishing creative spirits, playing new yorker in our rented apartment on west 14th, and basking in all the inspiration this amazing city offers. we had initially planned to spend this time in tokyo with friends, but after all japan has been through this year, we decided to postpone our journey a year and seek solace elsewhere. new york becokoned. 
for those of you who emailed and commented on my post last week, please stay tuned for the location of our monday, august 8 7pm gathering. i’ll be sure to post it on the blog and twitter. i’m super duper excited to meet so many of you and we’re looking for the perfect creative spot to compliment our gathering.
today i’m heading out to our arlington studio to lead an amazing group through their final hours of teacher training before gearing up for tonight’s chair yoga and TranquiliT trunk show at the phillip’s collection. tonight’s event at the museum is a beautiful homage to kandinsky’s spirituality in art. what a joyful way to wrap up my time in dc before dashing off to new york, florida, and west virgina (w/ full day returns to dc sprinkled in … for embroidery class, of course).
spent hours with my talented seamstress last night dreaming up fall plans while rain poured outside the window. as the samples flow in, i’ll be sure to post and get your feedback. truly inspiring additions to TranquiliT are coming this fall. it’s such a joy to take time to bask in creative expression and truly the most transformative practice i know – especially when coupled with the sacred movement of yoga.
bisous. x