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i was given a fun, sassy book by mama gena from a fellow tranquil space teacher last year. the book, which i like to describe as blending sensuality and self help, holds a special place because i got my book agent from this simple gift giving gesture. i loved the book concept and packaging, and the author raved about her agent so i thought “why not share my concept with this symbiotic soul?” the fabulous agent got me and hip tranquil chick from the start. as i was perusing mama gena’s website tonight, i can across some suggestions on “how to fall in love with yourself” that i wanted to share:

Selections from 50 suggestions: “How to Fall in Love with Yourself”

Created by Mama Gena’s Sister Goddesses Spring 2003

Put lavender oil in your humidifier – let your bedroom be an oasis of scented pleasure
Make a date with yourself, like you would with someone you are really into. Dress for it, get the right food, set the ambiance, etc. Make it a top priority.
Buy yourself flowers. Make sure you really love them and don’t skimp.
Soak in a bubble bath with your favorite aromatherapy scents – candles, bath salts, essential oils, etc.
Pour yourself a glass of champagne and toast your day and your life.
Buy yourself the most perfect, sexy lip gloss you can find. Dare yourself to buy your shade of red lipstick. Never underestimate the power of red lips.
Write a romantic story, starring you as the erotic heroine.
Listen to great music and sing.
Stay with friends or family for a day or two and let them spoil you.
Let yourself fully feel something – cry, binge, mourn, whatever… then move on.
Notice the Pleasure Pockets … e.g., the glow of the flickering candle through the ice cube.
Invite a friend over for a glorious picnic on your floor.
Wear sexy lingerie under your everyday clothing.
Use words like these in describing yourself: succulent, luscious, proudly, sassiest, fabulousness, brilliant, saucy, loving and living with passion, in pleasure despite all else, gleaming, glorious, booty-huggin’, radiant, temple, possibilities, exuberant, juicy, naughty…
Take a nap.
Get up early and enjoy a beauty ritual before work. Carefully apply makeup, place a few special hair ornaments in your strands and pretend they are a crown, paint your nails, spray perfume in special places, curl your hair, etc.
Get up early and prepare a breakfast fit for a Goddess, for yourself.
Carry Mama Gena’s book proudly, with the cover facing out and see if a Big Sister will magically appear.