happy december – go nesting!

love notes
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can you believe that we’ve reached the final month of 2007? wow, the year has flown by. i guess that is what happens as we get older. don’t you recall hearing your parents say how quickly things had flown by and you couldn’t believe that third grade was so long – felt like fourth grade would never happen? our perspectives definitely shift.

last night i asked someone what they were doing tonight and he replied that he felt like nesting. i love that word and definitely have that nesting vibe myself. after a week filled with continual priorities that left me with an inbox like i’d never seen before, i am totally craving a weekend of nesting. my days will allow for that, despite busy evening plans. i’m writing this while holed up in my loft bed with some green tea nearby. have not yet fully ventured into the day despite some impending must-dos before tonight’s trunk show – like make more tranquilista gems. i’ve got to nest just a bit longer first. if you, too, are craving some nesting time despite the holiday hustle and bustle among you, please be sure to listen within. happy nesting from one nest-lover to another . . .