happy summer solstice/90-day planning

love notes
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today is the longest day of the year–summer solstice! i hope you are having a great start to summer. woo-hoo! i began it at a 6-hour workshop on 90-day planning. hmmm. i went into the workshop sooo excited about coming away with clarification on the numerous next steps. instead i came away from the event feeling like i had a big frustrating math problem in front of me to solve. not that it had anything to do with numbers, but it was that same feeling i always had in math class growing up (math is FAR from my forte). i have loads of processing to do to figure out what exactly to take away from the workshop. ever have that feeling where something isn’t making sense and you can’t figure out why? maybe it is the particular process that was presented in the workshop. hmmmm.

resonate with this experience? do you do quarterly planning? if so, what have you found that works best for you? as a follow-up from monday’s podcast, i’d love to hear how fellow hip tranquil chicks put together 90-day personal or professional plans. please share so i can put my math problem to rest and get the quarterly juices flowing! after loads of online searching, i found this as a possible resource to help get you started.