happy thanksgiving eve

love notes
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 bonjour from tranquil space world headquarters. ok, well our dupont studio . . . 

i wanted to wish you a beautiful launch into the holiday. light a candle, brew mulled cider, and take a moment to spend in quiet reflection. make a list of all you have to be grateful for. pen your holiday gift list. make holiday cards. bake a yummy vegan pie. take a nap. read fireside. connect with family and friends – discuss ideas and dreams. make space for being among the temptation to do, do, do. 

tonight i’m taking and teaching yoga, then baking cookies for tomorrow’s charity classes. oui, slice and bake, but turning on the oven nonetheless. tomorrow is our annual yoga extravaganza (featured in washington post) for so others might eat and then out to le beau’s cabin for the weekend. 
art journal, school books, kindle, and cowboy boots in tow. 

wishing you a beautiful day of thanksgiving. 

bisous. x