holiday merriment continues

love notes
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beau and i reserved this day on our calendar weeks ago. since we didn’t do our annual tradition of taking louis out to the country to choose a tree, we wanted to find a way to escape the city for a few hours. this morning i did some online searching for pet-friendly options hoping for a sleigh ride or equally festive event. i came across the philip carter winery that was having a special holiday event today AND welcomed pups. perfect! we tasted some yummy vino, indulged in cheese + crackers, and enjoyed the country air for a few hours. note louis in mid-yawn!

by the way (confession time), i indulged in 5 cupcakes yesterday. yep, 5! woke up craving one today. held out all day, but we picked up 4 on our way back to town so it looks like i’ll get my fix after all. yuuuummmm! i truly can’t imagine life without cupcakes. so sad.