in the zone

love notes
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last night began with lavender margaritas (wow-it was like sippable aromatherapy topped off with lavender salt on the rim) and dinner at hotel monaco (where the presentation far outweighs the substance). then off to join the many fans who hit the mci center to see coldplay and fiona apple. this is my second time seeing coldplay in the past six months and i am soooo impressed.

i have a confession. during the show i checked e-mail numerous times on my phone and have come to realize that i have a problem. is there a 12-step program for such addictions? i recently read that multi-tasking and constant e-mail checking lowers your IQ. uh oh. i’m surprised i can still hold conversations at this point. good news, off to yogaville (yes, there is actually a place called yogaville) in a few hours to lead a fun weekend retreat where my cell phone does not work. will i experience withdrawal? it’s a good test.

anyway, what a show, what passion, what talent! i still get teary eyed at the beginning of concerts–like a proud mama watching a performer so in the zone. we’ve all seen this “in the zone” moment. tori amos on the piano. mick jagger at superbowl half-time (the only part i watched). tiger woods on the golf course. a designer at their fashion show. martha stewart in her garden. so we’ve seen this unfold, but how often do we get to personally experience this feeling of flow? there are great books all about flow and i feel as if it is crucial to our well-being to have these moments where everything else is peripheral and we’re completely absorbed by the moment.

as i head off to yogaville in a few moments, i encourage you to reflect on how to get more “in the zone” moments. i will definitely do my best to be filled with flow this weekend. it’s hard not to be though when you’re surrounded by beauty, away from technology, doing yoga, making collages with a focus on what i want in live, and eating oh-so-healthily! best wishes for a flow-filled weekend!