leopard-print towel

love notes
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ok, so i decided to carve out 20-minutes during my dinner schedule to indulge in the sauna that taunts me each time i rush by trying to get to my next session. not tonight. i dove in – leopard-print towel and all. however . . . i was the only one in towel. all others were naked – yep, full-on naked. now, i hate to be a prude, but i do still wear swim shorts and sometimes with a little ruffle skirt – not even an actual bikini. and i couldn’t possibly shower without a private stall (how have men done that all these years?) and i don’t even get naked in hot tubs or topless on european beaches. why? god only knows. maybe it’s my oklahoma upbringing – who knows. after 20 incredibly hot and uncomfortable minutes, i scuttled out in my leopard-print towel.

we’re doing a lot of practice teaching now and it is quite intimidating – especially to the dear folks new to teaching. working with the full breath (inhale, 2, 3, 4, exhale, 2, 3, 4), giving clear and concise instructions, assisting, and breathing is tricky! we learned about the bhagavad gita yesterday and started on patanjali’s yoga sutras today. wanted to share one gem that stuck out:
in order to truly practice, there must be correct effort, a long duration, gradual progression, enthusiasm, freshness, and optimism. more to come – must dash to satsang. we have a big ceremony tonight! namaste.