Loving Le Pug: Last Shoot

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Early April we had the spring TranquiliT shoot at the Pink Palace followed by a few personal lifestyle shots the following weekend. Of course, Le Pug was front and center {often popping in to the back room as our unsuspecting model swapped outfits}.

Photographer Marie Maroun captured these candids. When I look at them, I see so much joy and a tremendous amount of love. Unconditional love, that’s the beauty of a four-legged companion.

Okay, truth be told, some have joked that Le Pug was full of conditional love considering he mainly offered attention when food was involved.

As I continue to process that he is no longer with us and not coming back {despite a dear friend’s young son asking if he could come back down from the sky}, the awareness of my deep attachment grows stronger.

Grief is a tricky thing. Some nights I’m sobbing myself to sleep, while others I’m looking through dog rescue websites longing for another being to love with such intensity. The triggers seem unpredictable—mornings, evenings, returning home without an official greeter, riding in the car without a companion on my lap, or visiting places we explored together such as Le Beau’s cabin. Basically, it’s constant.

This Saturday will be one month. Tomorrow is four weeks. It feels like yesterday, yet it also feels like he’s been gone so long I can’t remember the sensation of falling asleep with his furry paw in my hand {yes, I smothered him}.

These photos represent our final two weeks and me having no idea the end was so near. I definitely didn’t think it would be his final shoot and had another one planned the following week to capture more together time.

I guess we never really have enough time with loved ones, do we? There’s the hope of making it to one more milestone and a desire to slow time or stop it all together. Yet, we never know when a goodbye is coming.

It’s a beautiful reminder to make the most of our moments. And for that message in these final shots, I’m grateful. Bisous. x