marvelous monday

love notes
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or so i’d like to think. began with a 9am session and my last meeting went over, getting me home at 10:30pm. lovely, lovely day despite a yucky headache. where do these things come from? ugh.

so, i’ve hit the streets in my new bike. walkers and drivers beware. i’m a menace on the streets plowing through traffic in my white single-speed cruiser . . . but i LOVE it. didn’t ride today (first time since the bike got put together) because it was supposed to rain and i didn’t want my bike or wicker basket to get wet. i know, gotta get over than one. anyway, so i dolled up in my new leopard print rain boots and layers because the thermostat said 73 when i left with chance of rain all day. of course the sun was in full bloom most of the day and it was terribly humid while i trudged around in my all-black layers (where even my barista stated “i notice you wear a lot of black”), umbrella in hand, and heavy rain boots. ah, mondays.

wanted to share a review of hip tranquil chick on the worsted witch. enjoy! here’s to a tranquil tuesday. xo