merci beaucoup to beloved readers

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wow, BIG merci for your amazing input + ideas on tranquility du jour. i had NO idea that it resonated with so many people and really appreciate you taking the time to share.

it’s funny how once you see what else is out there, it can shake confidence. some may view that as a negative, i see it as a positive (ok, once i get past the drama). for example, people doing things i do (such as writing, teaching yoga, designing versatile clothing) beautifully can be a gentle nudge toward constant improvement. not a bad thing, right?

there is a beautiful notion in buddhism that we are perfect as we are – warts and all! i love this as it encourages a loving acceptance. here’s a quote from pema chodron’s book start where you are:

We already have everything we need. There is no need for self-improvement. All these trips we lay on ourselves–the heavy-duty fearing that we’re bad and hoping that we’re good, the identities that we so dearly cling to, the rage, the jealousy and addictions of all kinds–never touch our basic wealth. They are like clouds that temporarily block the sun. But all the time our warmth and brilliance are right here. This is who we really are. We are one blink away from being fully awake.

Looking at ourselves this way is very different from our usual habit. From this perspective we don’t need to change: you can feel as wretched as you like, and you’re still a good candidate for enlightenment. You can feel like the world’s most hopeless basket case, but that feeling is your wealth, not something to be thrown out or improved upon.

isn’t that empowering? it’s finding the balance between “i’m perfect as i am” and “i’ve got SO much work to do.” i like to say that i’m a continual work in progress which is why i enjoy svadyaya (self-study through reflection, journal writing, yoga), oodles of non-fiction books focused on growth, and school (dance, writing, language classes, yoga teacher trainings).

i enjoy sharing this journey with you and appreciate hearing that it makes a difference. improvements to come, but voice will stay. thank you again for your kind words! as a gentle reminder on internal and external beauty, i’ve attached the hip tranquil chick manifesto. let’s keep shining and supporting each other along the way! namaste.