love notes
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delighted to be home after studying with the lovely dharma mittra all weekend. the drive home only took 8 hours which isn’t horrible considering holiday travel traffic! crazy thing is that we’ll have a similar drive on friday and sunday as we’re heading to beau’s hometown of rochester for a family corn roast! i love the drives because i’m able to write (got 2 deadlines out of the way), read (finished the updated edition of the fashion designer’s survival guide and read a lot of tori amos’ memoir), and look out the window at the beautiful landscape while beau drives. he enjoys driving, i enjoy riding. win-win!

when i got home, unpacked, and looked around at the dining room table covered with books, receipts, sparkly gel pens, and articles torn from magazines, i got concerned. i’m tired, need to get ready for the week, but want get organized NOW. then i recalled SARK’s message that i was reminded of this weekend – make micromovements.

i don’t have to organize my kitchen table, armoire, bathroom shelves, or desk in my boudoir all in one night. it’s about small steps and conquering one area at a time. i know this but sometimes i just need a reminder and thought it may resonate with you, too! in her book make your creative dreams real SARK provides a few examples. say you want to write a novel – yes, this feels overwhelming. start by going to a bookstore and browsing books about writing! she describes micromovements as a very tiny action that anyone can take toward some part of her create dream and is 5 seconds to 5 minutes in length. what micromovements can you take this week?