my OWN retreat

love notes
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i’m over the moon about scheduling time away to participate in a retreat early next year. it took some rearranging and my annual new year’s gala will now be held a week earlier to accommodate this shift. i can only imagine how energetic and enthusiastic i’ll be leading a one-day retreat the day i before i take off for my own!

while leading the hip tranquil chick retreat last spring one of the participants asked if i went on retreats, too. it was an eyeopening question that stuck with me. my last big retreat was in mallorca november 2006. far too long ago. interestingly enough, right before hip tranquil chick was released. the retreat in mexico that i just signed up for is right before the launch of tranquilista. perfecto!

after interviewing kelly rae roberts, christine mason miller, leigh standley, sabrina ward harrison (upcoming), and lisa sonora beam on my podcast, i’m dying to learn mixed media. these images from lisa sonora beam’s website give a beautiful glimpse into the intricacy of the medium. doesn’t it look divine? takes collaging to a whole *new* level.

any readers play with mixed media? would love to hear about your experience!

today is kinda like my own one-day retreat. chez moi is empty except for two fancy felines and i’m still in bed (with my trusty laptop, of course). i have TONS of grad school reading to do but am having a hard time getting up. there is something so comforting about a cozy bed full of down comforters and pillows in the fall. it looks like i’ll be doing my studying here in between some much needed napping.

join moi on monday for our seasonal teleclass on fall festivity. have your journals, colored markers, and mug of tea nearby. this season’s 8 petals are reflective, inspiring, and, above all, fun! xo