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considering the ample reflection and social time i´ve been blessed with here in costa rica, i am feeling good about a next step on the horizon. for years i´ve debated a master´s in social work. actually, it is what i set out to do in university (psych major, soc minor) so the idea continues to beckon moi. in 2004 i completed my master´s in women´s studies and loved the exploration of feminism on such a deep level. over the past few months, i find myself running into women i admire who have MSWs and are running non-profits or doing therapy. i think it is a sign. to top it off, yesterday while swinging in the hammocks (i know, rough week) i found out about a program in the dc area that is reasonably priced and up my alley. after a bit of online research last night i was smitten. to add even more icing to the cake, it offers a dual degree path with a certificate in non-profit management. ooh la la!

just broke the news to beau and look forward to exploring it further when i´m home. this past decade has been an organic evolution of building tranquil space. lord knows i´m by no means done with this journey, but have been pondering what the next decade will present for moi. i believe i´ve found it. the chance to continue trying to make a difference in this new way thrills me.

now that i´ve determined what the next decade holds, i must dine on papaya, pineapple, watermelon, granola, and fresh juice before strolling through the coffee fields and teaching yoga . . .