return to oklahoma

love notes
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tomorrow morning beau, pug, + moi will start the 21-hour journey back to oklahoma. my grandmother (not the yoga-doing, e-mail-writing, spry 97-year-old you’ve seen on my blog) passed away last night. she had been declining rapidly after a stroke so we were prepared for the news. however, the finality of it is always a bit shocking.

i’m savoring a lazy sunday morning in bed with my laptop and pug nearby. pensively planning and canceling appointments, meetings, classes, obligations for the week ahead. moments like this bring me back to the ongoing question “am i leaving a legacy?” for some reason, this is incredibly important to moi. making a mark drives everything i do.

take a moment to journal on this point. how are you leaving a legacy? it can be as simple as smiling at a disgruntled pedestrian you pass en route to work (seriously) or as grand as adopting an orphan from another country or dedicating your life to a cause.

may we all positively affect as many people as possible through our thoughts, words, and actions. i wanted to share a post i just came across on making a difference. this is from an interview with the lovely fran monks in 2005 or 2006 and felt apropos considering my muse.

this post is dedicated to my grandmother, jessie marie zorger wilson. let’s leave legacies.