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 since reading yesterday’s comment regarding my “deluxe lifestyle,” i’ve pondered clarifing confusion. putting myself out there over the years as a business owner, author, and blogger, i’ve gotten much better moving on from the sting of not being able to please everyone. however, these comments have stuck with me. probably due to the gross misinterpretation of “my wonderful life.”

i forget that readers pop in and out, not knowing the history of tranquility du jour or my work for that matter. having written this blog since 2004, i’ve shared so many ups and downs, lessons learned, and challenges. this blog has become my muse and my nearly daily source of self-expression. to have this safe space so misunderstood saddens me. 

without going through the commenter’s frustrations with tranquility du jour, i wanted to highlight a few truths de tranquility to clear up any misunderstandings (and will be sure to add to my “start here”  section to help alleviate future confusion). 
my week in review is created to capture the various tasks involved in overseeing five organizations, going to graduate school, serving on the board of pigs animal sanctury and balancing it with self-care and creative expression. also, it helps moi see that things got done that week despite a to-do list that feels overwhelming at times. i’m sure many can relate to that feeling!
as a small business owner who works 60+ hours/week, i love balancing the heaps of admin with healthy doses of self-care and encourage others to do the same. after 13 years of being self-employed, i have yet to get a set day off so i seek to infuse life with special small touches such as hot baths, monthly pedis, and yoga. hmmmm, i hear a tranquilolosophy piece coming on: balancing productivity and tranquility!
oh, and to clarify, owning a yoga studio does not make one rich financially. nor does running a tiny locally sewn eco-clothing line, leading a few e-courses or retreats a year, or volunteering as the director of a non-profit. it does allow me to engage in my passions daily and, for that, i feel very wealthy.

may i recommend we all seek communities (blogs, podcasters, authors, teachers, etc.) that resonate with who we are and who we want to become versus criticizing others’ efforts? stop by tranquility du jour to read about my sadness, my dreams, my challenges, and lessons learned, but please don’t express disdain over my efforts to share inspiration. and please know that all my musings will be tinted with “over the top” rose-colored glasses. because . . . that’s how i like it. bisous. x