snowy night musings

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i love, love, love snow! we all laughed at the forecast and little did we know that we’d get so much fun powdery stuff. what a holiday treat.

this week has been especially busy with a meeting first thing in the morning, continuing back to back throughout the day leaving no breathing space, teaching, and then home to more e-mails than i like to admit – just waiting for an answer. i love being busy but i also desperately crave unscheduled time for moi. this weekend i’m heading to miami to teach at the standard on friday night (come if you live there!) and then chilling with a dear ol’ girlfriend who i see way too infrequently. i can’t wait to decompress slightly.

monday night we took the tranquil teens program to the boys and girls club of dc. we had an amazing group of girls and they loved the yoga. it’s amazing how many of them commented about loving the relaxation at the end and the aromatherapy. isn’t it interesting how seldom we offer ourselves such respite other than sleeping at night. i have rosewater and lavender spray in my loo that i love to spray on my face throughout the day as a pick-me-up. it’s the little things that can make such a difference.

last week after going to hear amy sedaris speak (she is sooo funny), i got a tar-jay craving so beau and i took advantage of their holiday hours. i purchased a pair of yummy black/white damask curtains. they now fill my office (hidden under our loft bed) with fun flair. i see they also have sheer ones. hmmm. kinda clashes with the leopard-print but i’ve been feeling the damask vibe lately. i’m not breaking up with leopard-print but just adding a new print to my repertoire.

only 19 holiday shopping days left. i’ve barely begun. sent a lot of rosemary trees to people so that they could enjoy an early gift that was living. think lots of folks are getting some beautiful bamboo clothes – hmmm, i wonder why! maybe because i have a dining room full of the luxurious fabric cut into fabulous garments. i feel like a kid in a candy store!

my yoga practice has been suffering during the busy start to the month but i will get back on track. it does a body good and i know better! also, my eating has been horrible. despite dining on delicious brown rice and greens, i’ve hit taco bell (bean burrito with sour creme), ritz cheese bites (yum!), and a box of thin mints (super yum!). um, someone needs to get grounded! oh, and my doctor put me on some silly GERD diet. no chocolate (oops!) and other fun things. bummer.

life continues to whirl away and i feel blessed by the many opportunities that continue to present themselves – sometimes as challenges (our biggest teachers) and sometimes as pure bliss. i hope you will enjoy my latest piece on self-care. off to indulge in a bit of it with some late-night documentary watching. cheers.

p.s. hope you enjoy the photos of my garden and my assistant, beau, and pug – all under a blanket of snow!