love notes
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j’adore the connections and like-minded ladies that i’ve met via blogging and tweeting. thank you for sharing your twitter addresses so that we could follow you. now, i’d love to have blog addresses from fellow readers. please share your scoop in the comments so that we can read your musings. it’s always a treat to find new inspiration!

one fun find is the lovely wish studio blog. i’ll be writing a monthly column on tranquilology for it so please peruse my first piece here.

the week flew by. agree? seems like life continues to move so quickly and i’m grateful for the ongoing ups and downs. keeps moi challenged, encouraged, and inspired. busily pulling together a tranquilology e-book for my creative non-fiction class, editing tranquilista, and finalizing my grad school application. last night we had a small gathering to celebrate tranquil space foundation‘s third year (woo hoo!): highlighted the seven grants we’ve given, dozen of tranquil teens programs we’ve led, and events we’ve hosted. it felt good.

tomorrow begins with a planner pad workshop (yay! 2 spaces left if you want to join), a dash of yin yoga, and teaching teacher training. sunday gives me a boost of ashtanga, a playdate with a bridal party at the showroom, and a train the trainer workshop for tranquil teens. the podcast on sunday night is FABULOUS – the magnifique amy butler. you will love it! ready for an action-packed weekend.

i am very grateful for the synergy created online with each of you. you’re like a little family – odd considering many of our paths of not crossed . . . yet. a BIG merci beaucoup for all the helpful feedback on my personal statement for graduate school. due on monday so i plan to polish over the weekend and your input will be infused.

enjoy the photo of sir louis dolled up in my scarf. clearly he’s not pleased about it, but it made me smile. best wishes for a phenomenal weekend. do something decadent just for you: sleep in, nap, eat a sundae (had one on tuesday with extra whipped cream), nosh on froyo, sprinkle wheat germ on ice cream, slurp succulent fruit, sip bubbly. life is meant to be lived fully. how will you make that happen?