the start of holiday cheer

love notes
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this weekend has been a lovely whirlwind. dog parking daily for sir louis, taking classes, teaching classes, baking cookies, eating tons o’ pie, organizing, cleaning, spring tranquiliT collection planning, reconnecting with old friends, hot baths, warm days, reading, boutique merchandising, and massage. i had planned to do the infamous closet reorg (done twice a year – last one in april almost sent louis and beau over the edge as i wasn’t done until the wee morning hours and they wanted bed space to sleep!) but, alas, i haven’t gotten to it yet. guess it will be my sunday project.

it’s crazy to think that december is right around the corner. didn’t this year FLY BY? and to think it is holiday time! i’ve been singing “sleigh bells ring, are you listening . . .” and am like a kid in a candy store about the holidays. next sunday is tree trimming time and i can’t wait to break out the mulled apple cider, holiday tunes, white lights, and finish my holiday shopping. i’m one of those who buys throughout the year and am pretty well prepared by mid-december. and, of course, i buy the cutest cards at the end of the season so i have them early december of the following year and got a great deal! ah, the holidays. i hope that you, too, are excited about the onset and are enjoying a dose of good cheer.