top 5 medical must-haves

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feel like i’ve been at the doctor a lot lately for the random check-ups. having been so lucky (ugh!) to receive my first mammogram today (thanks to turning 35), i wanted to share some tips on staying super-healthy and, ideally, tranquil:

1. mammograms. considering it is breast cancer awareness month, i encourage you to ensure you’re doing all you can to stay mindful of this issue.

2. annual skin check-ups at the dermatologist. hopefully you won’t be doused with 95 chemicals but it will assist you with catching skin changes.

3. annual check-up with your OB/GYN.

4. regular blood work. thanks to doing some basic blood work that tested for all sorts of levels (iron, cholesterol, etc.) i found out that i had too much iron in my blood which could lead to big challenges down the road.

5. get your heart rate up. of course i’m a proponent of yoga but any activity that will elevate your heart rate and get you moving is a must-have. add this to your daily repertoire and your heart will thank you.

other suggestions you have? do share! i know there are so many ways to take care of ourselves. i’ve tried to cover the most critical that i’ve come across and wanted to share an article on 5 lifesaving tests too. here’s to your hip and tranquil health!