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the hollydaze have a way of bringing us to our knees. there’s the decorating, the hosting, the gift giving, the parties, the travel delays, and the crowds. overwhelm can seep in for even the most tranquil among us. 
good news, there is another way. the hollydaze can also become a time of celebration, sparkle, giving back, gifting experiences, and savoring time with loved ones. the choice is yours.
here are a few of my favorite ways to make the hollydaze a sacred and special time of the year:
1. indulge mindfully. one chocolate chip cookie won’t kill you, but 20 may cause issues.

2. keep moving. exercise this time of the year is key. keep up your routines and maybe even add a few additional yoga classes into the mix.

3. schedule downtime. i know it’s on your radar from monday’s post {hopefully}, so make sure you’ve got breathing space woven into your parties or your soul may rebel.

4. gift experiences and small touches. this hollyday i’m making many of my gifts {including for the entire tranquil space team of 100+ lovelies} and i’ll write more about this later. in the interim, think of what you can whip up with love. it will keep you in your cozy home and away from the crowds. plus, the treat means so much more.

5. think simple + chic. although i’m the queen of one thing too many, i’m on an ongoing mission to simplify. one less strand of twinkle lights. a rosemary tree versus a 6 foot tree to decorate. bows around stemware. a consistent color theme throughout your decor.

6. nurture the senses. warm by a fire. burn peppermint candles. eat savory dishes. sip mulled cider. soak in a bubble bath.

7. give back. volunteer at a soup kitchen. adopt a turkey. rescue a black kitten {+ bring it my way, then i can claim it was a gift so we have to have 20!}. donate clothing stuffed in the back of your closet.

8. honor your limits. some days the body {+ mind} simply needs a rest. take a mental health day. pick up a pie versus baking from scratch. listen to your body’s request for a night in.
may the hollydaze enliven your spirit and senses with joy, wonder, and tranquility. finding tranquility among the chaos is where we can shine. bisous. x