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my tranquil space in oklahoma
a room of one’s own. virgina woolf encouraged it and i agree. although she recommended it for writing, i recommend it for sacred time in the tub. 
one thing i look forward to savoring when we return to living sans wheels this weekend is a daily soak in the tub. the experience is almost baptismal for me, warms the bones, and cocoons my body in a warm scented embrace{typically with bubbles}.
in ancient times bathing {hydrotherapy} was a treatment for mental illness. nowadays bathing touts benefits such as relieving pain, boosting brain power, releasing stress, aiding sleep, fighting cold symptoms, and detoxification
to enhance your experience, here are 11 tips to create the perfect bath, 5 bath recipes, and, for those sans bathtub or simply wanting to enhance the shower experience, create your own aromatherapy shower disks.
wishing you sacred moments of tranquility in the tub and beyond. bisous. x