wednesday well-being: a tranquil start

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moi beginning the day with yoga
welcome to wednesday. hump day. a chance to begin anew
one of the ways i’ve been infusing my days with tranquility while in paris is by savoring a morning yoga practice followed by 10 minutes of meditation. it’s been a beautiful practice that helps set the tone for my parisian day ahead. 
my playlist consists of 8 songs for a total of 36 minutes of yoga followed by 10 of meditation. here’s the groove:
my flow is, well, fluid and varies from day to day with these four components:
1. basically i begin in a standing forward fold for a few minutes. then i transition to sun salutation step backs and throw in whatever my body is craving–down dog splits, deep lunges, and twists
2. next comes the standing flow of warrior I, warrior II, and triangle with a splash of standing splits. rinse and repeat other side.
3. hips are a big focus from my hours in front of the computer writing followed by seated lovelies such as seated forward fold and janu sirsasana
4. i conclude with finishing poses: inversions, backbends, reclined twists, and savasana followed by 10 minutes of seated meditation. ommmm.
take a mOMent at the start of your day to infuse tranquility–even if only for a few minutes. for added love, throw in a cuppa tea, lit scented candle, and time with your journal. enjoy the subtle shifts from beginning your day with this dollop of self-care. it does the body {and soul} oh-so-good. bisous. x