wednesday well-being: laughter

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image courtesy of morgan trinker
i’m often asked how in the world le beau and i manage to co-exist in a tiny setting. typically my 600-square-foot condo lovingly referred to as the “pink palace” and now the 120ish foot vintage camper coined “lillie.” when we return from this tour mid-november, i’m sure it will feel as if we’re living in a castle!
oddly enough, i don’t feel cramped. truly. everything has it’s place and constant organization is key. however, my biggest secret to tiny living {and life in general} is a healthy dose of laughter. 
as we’re crawling over each other to brush our teeth in the camper or when things go awry {such as closed national parks or serpentine belt breakdowns}, we have a tendency to laugh about the situation. for example. as le beau was putting the title of “finding your ooh la la” on the latest podcast he chuckled. when i asked what was so amusing he shared that he never thought his life would lead to writing such phrases and we had a giggle. 
a constant phrase we say to each other is “all this could be yours” when we are surrounded by piles of products to ship, crazy pet antics, studio plumbing issues, and other random situations . . . which happen quite often when juggling various organizations and interests. i find it to be one of my healthiest coping skills and it also makes life’s ups and downs more playful. 
a healthy sense of humor is an asset. nurture it. built it. and tend it. and here are 19 ways to enhance yours. bisous. x