wednesday well-being: moving forward

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sipping green juice on this morning’s bus to nyc
ever since devouring eat, pray, love years ago i’ve become a fan of the memoir genre. it’s non-fiction, reads like fiction, and allows the reader a peek into the author’s soul. here’s a new yorker piece on the history of memoir and an npr piece based on marion roach smith’s the memoir project.
this morning i boarded an 8am bus to nyc for the first of my 10 weeks of a memoir writing course at gotham. truth be told, i signed up for their 10-week online course last summer and was my typical non-participatory self. for some reason with online classes i tend to fade into the background without making as much as a peep throughout the entire process. 
thus i’ve tricked myself into participation by buying 9 round-trip bus tickets {week 5 i’m in oklahoma} via megabus for approximately $8 each and getting myself up here to force participation. i know, i know, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
why memoir? it’s a new genre for my writing and i want to challenge myself in a new direction. what will i write about? honestly, i have NO idea and that scares me. it’s my biggest question. what’s my goal? to figure all this out, write, and have a book proposal to my agent this fall. 
i’ll share the journey with you here on the blog while sipping green juice, exploring tranquility, and striving to continually put one foot in front of the other. 
thank you for following along. now i must ask you, what will you do today to move forward in the direction of a dream? i’m right here with you trying to find my way. daily. ok, hourly. bisous. x