wednesday well-being: test anxiety

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i woke up this morning with butterflies and a clock ticking in my head. “48 hours until the social work licensing exam!” i’m feeling the effects. rather than tackling my typical morning writing routine, i promptly signed up the take the association of social work boards practice exam and settled in to test taking mode. i passed, which upped my confidence, but the margin is slim and my comfort level is low. i’m ready for friday around noon when this will all be behind me. one way or another. 
before i spend the afternoon reviewing which of the 170 questions i missed and why, i decided to take a breather and write. considering we are often exposed to situations that push our edges and make us anxious, sharing tips on ways to work with anxiety felt like the perfect post.
before settling in to take my practice test this morning, i showered, made tea, had fresh flowers on my table nearby, lit a scented candle, and made space for le pug on my lap. all these creature comforts helped ease anxiety and make me feel more ready to conquer the task at hand. yes, i know most won’t be available on friday, but i’ll do my best to get myself set up comfortably before the exam.
while these butterflies probably won’t leave until after the exam, i’m going to make the most of the next 40ish hours by taking good care of my body, preparing the best i can, observing where i’m falling short and refreshing my knowledge in those areas, and taking deep, full breaths. here are some more test taking tips. and a few anxiety reducing tips from psychology today.
also, worst case scenario is i have to fill out heaps of paperwork again, deal with refiling it at dc government, pay the fees again, sign up for the exam again, pay that fee, and keep studying. not the end of the world, although not ideal. sometimes it helps to know what the worst case scenario is and that may alleviate some pressure.
as i think back to sharing with readers my desire to return to school, my acceptance letter hurrah, and what i planned to do with it, it’s been quite the journey and many of you have been through the whole experience with me. i’m honored. now, as i prepare for this next step on the social work journey, i’m reminded of the importance of incorporating the many tools of tranquility i’ve studied and explored the past 15 years. ah, how lessons continue to show up! 
wishing you a wednesday sans anxiety and sending much gratitude for walking through this journey with moi. bisous. x