wednesday well-being: tranquility zone

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En route to see Garth Brooks {omg!} in Jacksonville, Florida last weekend {whole other blog post coming on that!}, I passed this sign outside the hotel elevators. Tranquility Zone.

I leapt in front of this pretty purple declaration for the above photo, basking in an unexpected moment of synchronicity.

The idea of a Tranquility Zone reminds me of the “in silence” button one wears while on retreat to let fellow participants know they’re not talking. Thus, talking to them is fruitless. {Insert sigh of relief}.

As an introvert who craves, and needs, lots of quiet, the “in silence” button offers a pass at small talk and an opportunity to go deeper into the experience at hand.

My professional life has been built around the term “tranquility.” As you may have heard, we teach what we most need to learn, so stumbling upon a Tranquility Zone was just what I needed to receive this gentle reminder.

Despite life’s ongoing encouragement to go faster and do more, we have the choice to step off the treadmill from time to time {ideally daily} and into the Tranquility Zone.

What is your Tranquility Zone? For moi, it’s soaks in the tub, sitting fireside, doing yoga, and reading in bed, to name a few.

Declare a special nook, time of day, cafe table, or activity your Tranquility Zone and hold onto it like you would a lover. It’s sacred and being with it is a non-negotiable. Bisous. x