wednesday well-being: writing

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after today, there are only two wednesdays left in my 9-hour weekly nyc commute. coming up here for 10 weeks of a 3-hour writing class may seem extreme, but it’s felt like the right nudge toward bringing a memoir into existence. also being in a group of aspiring memoirists is a powerful learning tool. 
the stories penned and shared are powerful. i’m blown away by the stories from my classmates. and as i sip a soy chai latte before class, i’m watching hundreds of people pass by the window and know that each body whizzing by holds profound stories within. 
what is yours?
sitting down to write your story is scary. how much do you reveal? how deep do you go? are you even in touch with the depth that lies within? where do you start? who are the main characters? what’s the major dramatic question?
for me, i’m still mulling all of this over. although i have more tools than i did when i began in january such as setting, dialogue, plot, and character, i’m still at the same spot of “i want to write a memoir but not sure the story.” alas, deep sigh.
today’s topic is theme so i’m hopeful this will tie the various vignettes together. my classmates seem to feel my theme is about journeys {oklahoma, colorado, dc, yoga, tranquility tour} and love {animals, gramma, le beau}. and oh have there been journeys!
want to try your hand at writing your story? this reader’s digest piece offers ideas on how to write your memoir. i found this piece in insightful. and how about writing world-changing memoir? well here’s an article on that by writer jeff goins. this cheat sheet from memoir writing for dummies is a great tool and i also recommend the book. and here’s salon’s guide to writing a memoir.
maybe memoir doesn’t appeal. it’s ok. the genre isn’t as important as is the practice of writing. i subscribe to write to done and enjoy their 10 steps to create the habit of writing by a fave blogger, leo babauta. author chris brogan shares his writing practice here. and again jeff goins shares helpful tips on forming a daily writing practice.
some days it’s all you can do to handle the day’s emails, appointments, and obligations and here i go again encouraging something more. i know, i know. it may seem frivolous at times. however, i find writing to be an incredible exploration of one’s soul, a powerful form of expression, and a way to leave a legacy. read more about this “leaving a legacy” idea in writing to change the world by mary pipher. amazing book!
take time today during your commute, lunch break, or right before bed and put pen to paper. start with something simple like “today i am feeling . . . ” or “today i experienced . . . ” 
start small. doodle in your journal. the idea is to make writing a habit, similar to brushing your teeth. the email can wait. the laundry can, too. 
however, your story is meant to be told. and your words are waiting to be expressed. let them out. set them free. give them breath. in the meantime, i’ll keep pounding away at a theme for this intangible memoir. bisous. x