wednesday well-being: rest

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snapped during yesterday’s snowfall
While teaching Monday’s Mindfulness class at Tranquil Space, I shared a reading emphasizing how rest was not the opposite of activity, it was the foundation to activity. That statement has stuck with me ever since.
So, when the studio’s electricity was out all day yesterday and my evening yin yoga plans were thwarted, I headed to bed at 7pm to seek rejuvenation (and credited the reading as my justification).
As mentioned in Monday’s launch of 52 Weeks of Tranquility, launching into the new year with an ambitious game plan is inspiring. Yet, I encourage something slightly different. More of a soft launch into the new year. The chance to slowly wade into the pool that is 2015.
Last week I shared my 2015 dreams and on Monday I hosted the Tranquilosophy seasonal podcast outlining tips on making this year more meaningful. They are suggestions based on ways that I’m trying to shift my do, do, do mentality to a softer approach.
My hope is that my word of the year, simplicity, will be sprinkled throughout all I do. It’s my overarching theme to help me with decision making, projects, presentation, home environment, and more. And, frankly, sometimes simplicity means crawling into bed at 7pm to . . . rest.
How will you embrace rest today, tomorrow, and beyond? Bisous. x