welcome to monday

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chilly spring morning in dc. takes awhile for the bones to warm up. did a few organizing chores last night that helped ensure i woke up refreshed and ready for monday. it made such a difference that i wanted to share the suggestion:

* moved pile of stuff from kitchen table to living space
* began sorting said stuff into piles: take to showroom, take to studio, put in “memories” box (photos, memorabilia, notes), trash, file
* rearranged bathroom stuff: trashed cosmetics from 2003 back (yep, think i had some lipsticks from college – ick!), consolidated two baskets of makeup into one, pulled baskets off floor to open up blank space
* organized vanity area under bathroom sink. found lots of new space and a box of tissues that i needed.
* did laundry, immediately folded and put away (rather than waiting days to fold, etc)
* moved chaise lounge to face in toward couch. stacked heaps of books nearby. set up colorful post-its, markers, an art kit, and an inspirational magazine (boho) on bed tray near chaise for easy creative reach.

getting organized feels so good. i vow to keep my kitchen table/home office space clear (hold me to this beau) as it deserves breathing space, too. and maybe, just maybe, i’ll use it for dining rather than working!

on another note, tranquil space was featured in a darling blog called design wonderland today. yay for clean, green, organized space!