what are you going to do differently?

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i’m reading a book called true to yourself: leading a values-based business by mark albion and while reading his summary at the end he calls readers to action by asking them “when you go to the office next monday morning, what are you going to do differently?” i found this to be very profound as he’s not just sharing his insights throughout the book, but he’s also asking us to take action.

so i, too, would like to call hip tranquil chick readers to action. i’m receiving loads of great e-mails from florida, new hampshire, california, new york and countless others who haven’t noted their location with feedback on the book. i’m eternally grateful for your e-mails and promise to answer them all in due time. however, i’d LOVE to hear what small steps you are taking toward your dreams after reading hip tranquil chick. let’s hear it, girls. what are you going to do differently? inspire other blog readers with your actions at the start of this exciting holiday season. (just bought a rosemary tree and cinnamon-scented wreath and my home is filled with delightful scents . . . ahhhhhh holidays)