what is a hip tranquil chick?

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I am currently working on a book that blends the aspects of yoga with lifestyle in a chic and conscious way for the modern girl, Hip Tranquil Chick. Considering 82% of the 15 million Americans practicing yoga are women, I believe we deserve a book catered to us! With the creation of the book’s concept, I’ve worked to bring to life who I want to be, what qualities I seek to embody, lessons I’ve learned along the way, and what I believe connects modern women to a mindful core while having fun along the way.

illustration by morgan l. johnson

A Hip Tranquil Chick: embodies zest for life, thinks outside the box, cultivates creativity in all she does, lives her yoga practice, thinks globally, remains grounded, lives her vision statement, handles money mindfully, challenges herself daily, doesn’t play victim, seeks opportunity, seeks to inspire others, loves to watch other’s eyes light up from her thoughtful gestures, takes control of her career, creates community, revels in throwing soirees that bring like-minded people together, doesn’t shun change, creates an urban oasis to nurture her soul at home and at work, is in touch with her breath, loves flair, uses her yoga practice as a mirror for life, and believes in empowering others.

I began Tranquil Space and designed special workshops catered to women five years ago as a way to encourage others to live more consciously and creatively while also creating a community of women. What began as Wild Woman Workshops and Artist’s Way Circles have now evolved into Hip Tranquil Chick workshops (visit our enlightening events page for upcoming ones) with a blending of yoga, creativity, and flair. The notion that you have control over who you are and who you become is both empowering and scary. I hope that we all are able to embody a little “Hip Tranquil Chickness” into our everyday lives.