writer’s spa day 3

love notes
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this morning’s session focused on connecting with our dreamer, realist, and critic on our particular project. it was an interesting experience for most as these are three different sides to ourself when we work to accomplish anything, right?

last night after teaching yoga, i felt a need to do something different and skipped the evening session to drive the enchanted circle in my little silver sport’s car. it was just what i needed. i listened to country stations and sang any old songs that i recognized at the top of my lungs. my only stop was for a loo break and to purchase a big bottle of water plus a big stick of strawberry taffy. yum! as i headed back out, police stopped me as there was a mudslide they were cleaning up that i had to wait on. the joy of the mountains.

after this morning’s session, i received an urgent e-mail from the studio to call. i was saddened to hear that a fellow yogini and friend had taken her life. how do you even absorb such news? she was in a recent workshop of mine, had signed up for last week’s sassy sadhana teleclass, was a gem, and gave no clues. i’m still processing this 3 hours later and having trouble settling into write when something so catastrophic has happened. i called a colleague who was also close to her and she, too, is in shock, asking “what could i have done? i would have helped her,” etc. suicide is such a deeply personal. just last week a fellow yogini shared that her beau’s brother had committed suicide and the family was struggling to deal with it. here is a link to some suicide loss FAQs in case you, too, have lost anyone.

i will attempt to return to writing, maybe head to town to browse some books, and see what i can do to shake this yucky feeling.