yogini gone tired

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happy cinco de mayo! has the week felt longer than normal to you or is it just me? whew, what a week. non-stop meetings, JUST home from today’s final one and it is 11:30pm. another 12-hour day full ‘o fun tomorrow, and my sunday “day off” only has 3 meetings! life is busier and more exciting than ever, but when i’m grateful to have the time to wash my hair, i know something must be awry.

sure i choose my yoga practice over hair-washing (what’s not to love about a bun and headscarf), but i’m beginning to see a pattern (ok, i’m a slow learner), and life only seems to get busier. as i was doing a load of laundry before my delayed morning meeting (thank gawd she was running late), i thought about how all these modern amenities have really made our lives so much more complicated. think about it, years ago doing laundy was an all day adventure. now we’re squeezing basic hygeine and clothing care into an over-booked schedule while also e-mailing on our phones.

honestly though, i wouldn’t change my overall lifestyle. however, i would just LOVE to find a few hours to call my own. so, once i get done blogging and put my iBook down for a few, i’m going to pull out my planner pad and schedule it in. why not carve out some “meeting” time for you, a good book, a lovely scented candle, a cup of tea, and a few hours in bed? you deserve it. signed, yogini gone tired