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In an e-mail to me, fellow hip tranquil chick Stacey wrote: “During the “self-care” segment on your most recent podcast you mentioned indulging in a fresh baked cookie every now and then… a ritual I enjoy myself… however, I’d love to share a healthier alternative to the slice-n-bakes that can be full of preservatives…”

Stacey’s Make-N-Freeze… A Hip Chick’s Guide To Cookie Indulgence!

1 Lazy Afternoon
1 great cookie recipe (yes, the kind you make from scratch)
2 sheets of wax paper
1 sheet of plastic wrap or a freezer bag
1 marker or pen

– Prepare the recipe up to the baking phase
– Place unbaked dough in the middle of one of the sheets of wax paper
– fold the wax paper around the dough and press into a log shape
– cover the “log” with the second sheet of wax paper and then the plastic wrap (or place into freezer bag)
– Use your pen to write an expiration date three months from today on the outer wrapping
– Freeze
* Now whenever you want a preservative-free cookie(s) preheat the oven…slice off the amount you wish to make… bake according to the original recipe & ENJOY!


Thank you, Stacey, for offering this lovely alternative! xoxo