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Year of Tranquility (Signed by Kimberly)

Year of Tranquility is the marriage of a big picture planner with 12 months of deep diving into a variety of topics such as love, meaning, style, creativity, mindfulness, and more.

Filled with practices that gently nudge us toward making choices that soothe rather than stress, this book serves as a tool for self-discovery and meaning-making through the year ahead. Follow the moon cycles and move through the seasons with intention and ease.

Although it’s set up to start in the new year, you can begin anytime and journey through this 12-month program at your own pace. Pen your plans, explore new practices, and check the boxes. Personalize it with ephemera, colored markers, washi tape, and your deepest desires. Enjoy the pink spaces to dream and reflect.

Print edition signed by Kimberly Wilson.

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