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As we venture into a new year, I wanted to create a multimedia tool to bring the 24 Tranquility Tools {8 daily, weekly, and monthly} to life. Below is my latest creation to help 2014 sparkle and shine . . .
24 Days o’ Tranquility.

Start your new year by making tranquility a sustainable habit. This new January 7-31 e-course will explore Tranquilologie’s eight daily, weekly, and monthly Tranquility Tools in depth with a daily muse and multimedia piece {how-to photos, audio and/or video}.

Cherry on top: Two community calls, a Facebook group, and lots of daily love. Ready to make the new year one of mindfulness, creativity, and tranquility? Join us!

Oh, and did I mention this e-course is $50 off today through December 24? Ooh la la.

You will learn:

* How to establish a morning and evening routine
* Simple tips for dressing to express yourself
* Ways to move mindfully and get your heart rate up
* Favorite veggie resources and tips for living healthy
* Suggestions on using your journal as a creative outlet and reflection tool
* Penning and reviewing dreams for success
* How to make gratitude a practice
* Tips on time management and planning your week’s most important tasks
* Favorite bath tub rituals
* Ways to be more mindful with technology
* My go-to decluttering ritual
* How to savor the art of letter writing
* Tips for surrounding yourself with fresh flowers on a budget
* Suggestions for taking Artist Dates
* Favorite green juice and smoothie recipes
* Mani pedi and massage home spa tips
* Ways to make do-gooding a priority
* Tips for entertaining on a tiny budget {and in tiny space}
* Ways to establish and maintain a budget
* My most suggested must-reads and incorporating reading while on-the-go
* Favorite DIY projects for even the most craft-challenged

Have more questions? Lemme know! Excited? Hope so. I sure am and can’t wait to go through this process together. Bisous. x