$ense & $ensibility Monday: Decadent DIY Treats Revisited

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Happy autumn, dearies! If we haven’t met, I’m Katharine and I’m here the first Monday of the month to share ideas about how to live like large on a budget. You can find more about me at my blog.  And feel free to follow me on Twitter! 

Last month we talked about ways to Send off Summer on a budget and this month I want to revisit ways you can pamper yourself with spa treatments at home.

Not just for headaches
Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which can help treat acne and breakouts – next time you’re in the drugstore, take a look at the labels of skincare products that cater to acne prone skin and you’re sure to find salicylic acid in the ingredients.  So grab three tablets of uncoated aspirin (uncoated dissolves faster than the coated variety), cover with about a teaspoon of water and, once the water starts to dissolve the aspirin, mash it up with your fingers.  Add a few drops of honey or pure aloe vera, mix it up and then apply it directly to your clean skin, avoiding the eye area.  Leave on for a few minutes before washing off with warm water.  Your skin should feel soft and look beautiful!

Dairy bath
Cleopatra was said to bathe in milk to keep her skin soft and supple.  You can recreate this decadent treat without having to haul home gallons and gallons of milk.  Add a few tablespoons of milk powder to a warm bath to leave your skin silky smooth.  If you want, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to make your bath totally relaxing.

Luscious locks
Have a dry scalp or dry hair that needs treating?  Massage a few drops of olive oil (or any natural oil you prefer) into your scalp and through your hair.  Pile your hair on top of your head and cover with cling wrap.  Leave it on for 30 minutes or more and then wash your hair as usual.  For a “hot oil” treatment, simply heat the oil a bit beforehand; making sure it’s not too hot!  Leaves your hair silky smooth and your scalp nourished.

And oodles more!
What are some of your favorite ways to pamper yourself and save some cash at the same time?

Keep living big on that budget,