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While Kimberly is in Spain at her leadership retreat, guest hip tranquil chicks are filling in to share some of their thoughts… enjoy!

Do you ever let anxiety or nervousness stop you from doing something
you really want to do? For me, as a freelance writer, the hardest
thing is getting rejected when I pitch a story to an editor. Even when
I know I have a good idea, I can wake up in the middle of the night
wondering if maybe I shouldn’t even have tried to write a story for
that publication because my idea isn’t good enough.

In her new book, On Becoming Fearless, author and blogger Arianna
Huffington says that she deals with this kind of fear by looking for
the “still center” inside herself, the part of herself that is not
affected by life’s ups and downs, and finds her way back to that
center when fear creeps in. “If we can find that greater inner freedom
and strength, then we can evolve from a fearful state of living to a
state of freedom, trust and happiness.” And we better get to it,
because “to live in fear is the worst form of insult to our true

For me, finding that “center” is easiest when I practice yoga, write
in my journal, or take a bath. It actually really helped me recently.
After I submitted an idea to an editor, I felt really anxious. So that
night I took a bath, and thought about the fact that no matter what
the editor said, I would still be able to get back to my “center.”
Somehow, it did make me a little less nervous.

Kimberly Palmer (goodgirladvice.blogspot.com)