Journaling for the Soul

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Journaling is the process of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and, for many, it can be a therapeutic brain dump to bring light to dark, uncharted territory.

As Joyce Chapman writes in Journaling for Joy, “Through the act of writing things down, you allow yourself to wake up, be aware, and pay attention to what your life has to teach you.”

I like to think of it as a tool to help me explore and better understand patterns, motivations, fears, and struggles. Oh, and to vent! The journal never judges.

Studies show that the practice of journaling can help you strengthen immune cells, solve problems, clarify thoughts and feelings, better understand self and others, and reduce stress. It also serves as a safe space to brainstorm, muse, and dream.

Grab a pen and paper. Let your thoughts flow.

Feeling stuck? Check out the prompts below to help get you going. Happy journaling!

  • How are you feeling about the end of this year?
  • What are your top five values?
  • How does your schedule align with your values?
  • What’s most on your mind right now?
  • What are your go-to coping skills?
  • Describe your ideal day.
  • Does your everyday style reflect how you feel?
  • What are your creative outlets?
  • Describe a significant moment that helped shape who you are.
  • How do you spread compassion within and without?
  • What does living a tranquil life look/feel like to you?