The New Pink Palace

From late January through mid-May the Pink Palace was under renovation. What began as a conversation last May with a remodeling company, Case Design, turned into signed contracts, design meetings in October, and an updated home in May. Yes, one year from start to finish for my tiny 600-square-foot home! I've lived here 18 years

The New Pink Palace2022-06-12T18:51:33-04:00

Coterie Fête

Recently I invited the Tranquility Coterie loves into my tiny Washington, DC “Pink Palace” to commune over cups of tea, tasty veg treats, and community. We had ladies join us from Arizona, California, Florida, Delaware, Oklahoma, Michigan, Rhode Island, Paris, and the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. Mom and I spent Friday and hours before

Coterie Fête2022-06-02T19:17:26-04:00