Happy December

Happy December and greetings from Oklahoma. We flew out here on Thanksgiving and have been watching movies, warming fireside, wandering through the Wichita Mountains, and reading the past few days. Such a treat! For those of you stateside (or who celebrated elsewhere), I hope you've had an enjoyable weekend, too. I've heard from a few

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A Compassionate Thanksgiving

Want to consider your health, the planet, and the animals as you create your festive Thanksgiving experience? Me, too! Here are some tips: ✨ Forgo plastic and use your family’s heirloom silver ✨ Bring the outside world in with a nature-filled tablescape (pine cones, boughs, berries, fallen leaves, pumpkins painted silver, moss, greenery, flowers) ✨

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Dealing with Those Questions

You know the ones, they leave you feeling uncomfortable, possibly even violated. I get it, after years of dodging, "When are you getting married?" (I'm not!) or "When are you having kids?" (also not!), they're annoying and sometimes triggering. To help, I've pulled together 11 common questions, what may be meant by them, a better

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