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TranquiliT Spring {Live Today}

Tune in HERE today at 3pm ET for a sneak peek at this season’s TranquiliT collection. Above and below is a pre-sneak peek at our two graphic tees. Like? Hope you LOVE! Plus our entire spring palette. Yep, 16 colors!

I’m off to Costa Rica tomorrow to host the annual Tranquility in the Tropics and will be sure to share videos and photos while away! Tami, @mindfulteaqueen, has requested a packing for warm weather video, so stay tuned for this one, too.

Oh, and Year of Tranquility is now available on Kindle!

Look forward to seeing you later today and happy, happy holiday weekend. Bisous. x

10 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.—Oscar Wilde

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single, coupled, or anything in between, this is your day.

Below you’ll find 10 ways to practice being your very own valentine today and every day. No date, dress, or lipstick needed.

1. Practice gratitude. Note what is working in your life right now. Take a moment to pen a list. Clean water, warm home, clothing, good friend, partner, pet, income, shelter, health, energy, etc.

2. Move your body. Go for a walk or bike ride. Take a yoga or dance class. Stretch.

3. Hydrate. Strive for eight 8-oz glasses daily. Start your day with hot water and lemon to detoxify. Sip green juice. Infuse your water with mint.

4. Rejuvenate. Get eight hours of sleep. Try earplugs, an eye mask, and soft sheets in a cool room. Nap. Listen to your body.

5. Eat clean. Go light on processed foods. I know, it’s Girl Scout cookie season, but seek out fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. And then savor a Thin Mint, or five! Join our TDJ Eat Plants Facebook group for ongoing support.

6. Create space. When we’re scheduled from sun up past sun down even with things we love, it takes a toll. Interject moments of unscheduled time to daydream, nap, be spontaneous, and play.

7. Be still. Use apps like Headspace, Calm, and Mindfulness to track your meditation practice. Sit for 10 minutes and do nothing. Yes, nothing. Follow your breath in and out of the nose. Watch this TED Talk for inspiration.

8. Compliment. Make a list of things you like about yourself. Pretty eyes, kind heart, sense of humor, organized, and more.

9. Get crafty. Sit down with craft supplies and create something for yourself or a loved one from these 40 DIY ideas. Try one of these handmade Valentine’s cards options.

10. Create rituals. Start a new ritual that will soothe you such as chamomile tea and a hot bath before bed or writing in your journal each morning. What would allow you to infuse your every day with self-love?

Today, do something sweet just for you. Get a mani. Dress up and take yourself out to tea. Write yourself a love letter. Read a book cover to cover. Stay in bed. Sip something yummy—hot cocoa with vegan marshmallows, a cuppa tea, bubbly. Treat yourself to brunch. Go for a stroll with no plan. Buy yourself flowers. Savor dark chocolate with sea salt.

Poet Audre Lorde said, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

Be your own valentine. Let this be a lifelong romance like no other. Bisous. x

Meet Ballet: TranquiliT Spring

TranquiliT is a seasonless fashion line that can be worn year-round in all climates by adding or subtracting layers. It’s great for ballet and yoga, travel, the beach, office, and special events.

I’ve found that dressing in the monochromatic layers of a capsule wardrobe makes my mornings {and travel} simple. All black. Add pops of flair with shoes, coats, and red lips. Voilà, shifting seasons made easy!

Meet TranquiliT’s new color appropriately named ballet. She’ll join the 15 other colors currently available including our peach which just happens to be the Pantone color of the year!

For over 15 years, each spring and fall we release a few new designs and colors. The process from conception to launch takes a few months and begins by reviewing what’s trending that season, what clients are asking for, and what I’m wanting added to my closet.

Next, I work with my local seamstress to create samples based on current patterns and my fabric supplier to a choose new color to complement the current palette.

After a bit of back and forth with my seamstress—”taper this,” “shorten that,” “more flare here”—we’re ready for the photo shoot. Friday is our spring shoot and at 3pm ET we’re hosting a sneak peek of the new designs HERE

If you’d like to receive 20% off year-round, learn more about joining the TranquiliT Tribe.

Hope to see you on Friday and thanks SO much for your support since we launched with tees in 2002! Bisous. x