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As Seen on TV: Top AM Tips

Last week I stopped by WUSA9 to share a few tips on ways to start the day.

My segment was slated for 9:10am, but when I arrived they shared that everything was on hold to live televise the impeachment inquiry. That meant we’d be taping instead. No problem, taping always feels like less pressure anyway and my hair curlin’ wouldn’t go to waste.

The segment aired Wednesday and here it is! Loved being with these ladies. Such fun energy first thing in the morning! x

Seeking Support

Are you overly organized, familiar with WordPress, love Mailchimp, like data, enjoy social media, and experienced in supporting creative entrepreneurs? Have a creative spark yourself and enjoy bringing visions to life? If so, I’d love to hear from you!

I’m currently seeking a virtual assistant to help with a few ongoing projects and would LOVE someone familiar with all things Tranquility du Jour.

If you have 5+ hours per week and fit the criteria above, please reach out with a cover letter and sample projects. I’m so excited to offer more to our Tranquility du Jour community and want a right hand person to join me on the journey. Is it you? Bisous. x

Hellooooo October

Welcome to a brand new month (and for some a brand new year)!

Tuesday I set aside time to review September’s dreams, checked things off (why is that SO satisfying?!), and noted the ones that need to be carried over. Next, I pulled a beautiful fall image from Lucia, washi taped it into my planner, and added October dreams. It’s a favorite monthly ritual that ensures I stay in touch with what’s most important.

In Tranquility Salon, one homework practice is to use images and words to represent where we’d like to be in a year. After curating what resonates from magazines, use a glue stick and washi tape to arrange a collage into a journal, notebook, or onto a file folder. Write those one-year-from-now dreams over the collage with a Sharpie. I chose a faint gold one for mine. (You’ll find mine over on Instagram).

This relaxing, creative process decreases stress responses and increases seratonin and helps us stay intentional.

With less than 90 days left in 2019, this ritual offers an artistic and playful way to stay on track and course correct, as needed. What would a Q4 collage look like to you? How have those bigger picture 2019 dreams unfolded? What dreams can you manifest by New Year’s Eve?

Spend a few moments in reflection to contemplate what you need most right now. Sending love and collage encouragement from DC. Bisous. x