Tranquility du Jour #431: HOL:FIT

HOL:FIT with Ange Peters. In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, we discuss the power of essential oils, her transition from an email in 2009 to building an empire, and how to take ownership of your health.

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Tranquility du Jour #431: HOL:FIT


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Featured Guest:

AngePeters is the founder of HOL:FIT, a mama of 2,  a holistic health + biz strategist and host of the popular podcast HOL:FIT Talks. She guides people to take ownership of their health + success and to do it through the engine of online community.

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September in Review

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.—Unknown

Month in Review

Sunday night I reviewed my September’s dreams (my word for goals) list, eager to check things off during my month’s review. To my dismay, only 1/3 of the items were completed. And, it’s the same day that Apple sends the weekly phone usage data (new with the upgrade) and that, too, was horrifying.

Deflated, I turned to October, glued in an inspiring image, and began to pen its dreams with a black Sharpie. Many of my September’s dreams were carried over with a sigh.

Despite the lack of accomplished dreams, September offered many charms. Some highlights include a relaxed Labor Day complete with a matinee (Three Identical Strangers) and sitting at a cafe just chatting with Tim, an Alanis Morissette concert, a 22-hour road trip to upstate New York and Montreal, time with Tim’s family at their annual corn roast, celebrating Tim’s birthday over vegan poutine with our dear Montreal friends and their adorable kids, catching up with friends over tea and vegan nosh, taking many ballet classes, making a tough decision about Daybook 7.0, reading A Paris All Your Own, finalizing the TranquiliT fall collection complete with a photo shoot, video, and trunk show, watching The Washington Ballet perform at The Kennedy Center and falling in love with Bolero, collaborating with clients, and hosting the fall Tranquility du Jour Live and a month of mindfulness for Year of Tranquility.

And . . . I booked a trip to Paris. As mentioned in recent Months in Review, I felt a bit restless and dreamed of a solo getaway without an agenda. So I watched for cheap flights to Paris and found one for $450. It felt too good to ignore! I leave a week before Thanksgiving and return on Tofurkey day to spend the holiday with Tim and the pups. My vision for the City of Light adventure is to spend hours writing at sidewalk cafes and practice flânerie (wandering and observing).

I also watched Dr. Ford’s testimony with tears in my eyes and shook in rage. Our society’s treatment of sexual assault is horrifying and our President’s comments are disgusting. May we all continue to grow in empathy, compassion, and resistance. Women deserve better.

If you’d like to let go of outdated beliefs, identities, or dreams to make space for who you’re becoming, join me for the Softening into Fall Virtual Retreat on October 20. We’ll reflect, do seated yoga, practice mindfulness, and art journal about slowing down and tuning in. Bisous. x

October Wish List

Host last two Tranquility Salon sessions {apply for the January offering}
Host inspiring Writing Salon
Host inspiring Softening into Fall Virtual Retreat
Co-host fun Pugs & Pints
Dance the night away at Humane Rescue Alliance’s Bark Ball
Safe travels to and from Oklahoma
Learn lots in six-week Cognitive Behavioral Therapy class
Savor the Eve Ensler + Anne Lammot event
Survive gum surgery {ugh!}
Taking 10 ballet classes
Collaborate with clients
Finish Journal Therapy curriculum
File 2017 taxes
Pen “One Year Later” Blog Post
Finish A Moveable Feast

Savvy Sources

Rereading Little Women 150 Years After Its Publication
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How to Create a French Fall Capsule Wardrobe
Long-Term Health Effects of Sexual Assault
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Why Apple Wants You to Use Your iPhone Less
19 Ways to Calm Racing Thoughts
Life Lessons by Iris Apfel
Reading with a Pencil

Writing Salon

I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.—Joan Didion

One upcoming Saturday afternoon I’m opening up my office to host a writing salon—a safe space to write, learn, and connect and you’re invited.

My vision is to share tools to enliven our writing, tips to create time and space for writing, prompts to practice in the moment,  and ways to share our voice with the world.

Wouldn’t it be delicious to work on our writing habit in a cozy, creative setting while savoring vegan treats, organic tea, and community? 

October 27, 2-4:30, $49