signature style wednesdays: fashionable films

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i am a princess. all girls are.
even if they live in tiny old attics.

even if they dress in rags,
even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young.

they’re still princesses. all of us.

(sara crewe in a little princess)

hello gorgeous tranquilistas!
i hope you are staying warm and enjoying a fabulous wednesday. in case we haven’t met, please check out my most recent musings on unlocking creativity with glossy inspiration. this week’s topic is fashionable films.

get cozy & pop in a dvd
there are so many wonderful movies that make for delightful eye candy on an indulgently lazy afternoon. clueless, confessions of a shopaholic, breakfast at tiffany’s and dirty dancing all inspire me to be a sassy and stylish femme.

flicks such as a little princess, amélie, romeo & juliet, and almost famous remind me to believe in the beauty of my dreams. movies like titanic, shopgirl, and moulin rouge are inspiration for the hopeless romantic deep inside my soul.

in the netflix queue
i have heard wonderful things about the september issue, coco before channel and the young victoria. all three are about powerful chicas with timeless style. two movies i’m thrilled to see in theaters soon are sex in the city 2 and the runaways—both are anthems for fearless fashionistas.

what movies influence your style?
i would love to hear about the fashionable films you adore to watch again and again. are there flicks coming out that you are looking forward to see soon? please share your sassy style thoughts!

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