SO excited!

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Wow, while reviewing your feedback via blog comments and emails, I felt like you were reading my mind! Truly, I was all smiles and have read and reread each comment. Savored them actually.

My favorite comment was from Karen: “Mindfulness, writing, self-care, yoga. Anything truly except please no cooking. I saw your sweet potato post ?”

Back story: last week I tried to make my very first sweet potato and posted the sad photo of it below on Facebook. Note the hard, uncooked middle.

I’m so excited about next year’s offering and can’t wait to share it with you. Details forthcoming as I weave in as many of your ideas as possible.

Envision a year working together to bring dreams to life, connect regularly as a like-hearted community, and practice an assortment of tranquility tools. That’s just the start!

While there will also be recipes, videos, and additional resources, I promise no sweet potato how-tos until mine come out fully cooked.

Thank you again for taking the time to give all your thoughtful feedback! Bisous. x