Tranquility du Jour #565: Q4 Goals

Tranquility du Jour #565: Q4 Goals
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In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I share a peek into my Q4 goals. Learn my process for creating and tracking them plus tips to make them a reality. A fun listen for my fellow to-do list checkers and dreamers!

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Ideas to help you create yours:

1. Write your November goals in the Month’s Dreams section of the Daybook or your own planner.

2. Contemplate what you’d like to accomplish, create, produce, experience by the end of this quarter (December 31).

3. Write this someplace you’ll reference often and let it funnel down into your Month’s Dreams and Weekly MITs (Most Important Tasks).

4. Bonus: Share with an accountability buddy each quarter. Highlight what you did complete from the previous quarter (reward yourself!) and share what you’d like to complete in the next quarter.

5. You’ve got this!

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