10 Reasons to Join the Soirée

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In less than a month we’ll gather for a day catered to finding tranquility in the city.

We have *only a handful of tickets* left to the Tranquility du Jour event of the yearTDJ Soirée, on Sunday, June 9 and it won’t be the same without you!

This event has been designed with you in mind—aspiration, community, luxurious treats, dreaming time, takeaways.

10 Reasons to Join Us

1. You’re in need of an inspiration boost and a gentle mid-year nudge of support to create and live a life you love.

2. You like a luxe goody bag filled with Tranquillité perfume created in Paris, a gold journal, a gold pen, a gold reusable metal straw, a face mask, a handmade bath bomb, a rose quartz crystal, a TranquiliT scarf, and more! (value $120+)

3. You’d like to try fine vegan dining, green juice, and organic wine at the #6 veg-friendly resto in the world. (value $150+)

4. You crave community with like-hearted ladies who see you and also seek more tranquility. You want to meet the intimate group of amazing women joining from CO, CA, OK, NY, NJ, and the DC area and stay in touch through our private Facebook group.

5. You appreciate beautiful things that nourish your senses such as an exquisitely-furnished townhouse built in 1880 filled with chandeliers and art, the scent of lavender and flowers, and jazzy tunes.

6. You love learning and seek a deeper connection to your creative spark, tools to live a compassionate lifestyle (including being kinder toward yourself), ways to express your signature style, and more.

7. You appreciate a beautiful and safe space for reflection, intention setting, dreaming, and action planning.

8. You enjoy planning and want an advance PDF copy of the Daybook PLUS to attend the release of the latest Daybook. (VIPS also get a physical copy)

9. You think that a pop up and mini fashion show featuring locally-sewn fashion made with eco-friendly fabrics complete with customization by our seamstress and ideas from our stylists sounds fun.

10. You’re a Tranquility du Jour podcast listener and think that watching a live podcast as part of the studio audience would be entertaining. Hint, it will be!

This one-of-a-kind gathering is my first daylong offering in a decade and the only one planned. Don’t miss out!

Make an investment in yourself, your dreams, and your spirit. You deserve it! I’m honored to be your guide on this day’s journey. See you at the Soirée . . .