daybook 3.0

love notes
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it’s time to begin the tranquility du jour daybook enhancing process and i always appreciate your input.

based on your feedback in the tranquility du jour daybook facebook group, personal suggestions, and my own use of the daybook, i’m contemplating the following alterations:

* align look with upcoming tranquility du jour anthology: a celebration of 10 years
* tranquility tips to replace journal prompts {and quotes from version 1.0}
* move daily checklist up to top
* back to softcover to lighten load
* check boxes in the to-do section
* remove data to remember {p. 194-195}

are there any other additions or subtractions you’d like to see? if so, please share below in the comments section or on our facebook group page.

i SO appreciate your support and am delighted this little pink planner has resonated with many of you.

and for your reading pleasure, a little “herstory” behind the daybook. bisous. x