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Happy, happy winter to you in the Northern Hemisphere.

I SO hope you enjoyed our fall book club pick, Paris Letters, and accompanying podcast. Thank you for your comments and feedback.

In honor of the new year’s fresh start and a continual desire to simplify, simplify, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo felt like the perfect winter read.

Over the hollydaze, I’ve carved out a few full days to tackle the Pink Palace. With a grand goal of shedding 10-25% of everything contained in my 600-square-foot home, I’m quite motivated.

Yes, there will be photos and updates about the process on the blog and Instagram.

Please share your process, too, if you’re also willing to tackle a drawer, closet, room, or entire home.

Happy tidying!

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Merci for reading along. Find moi reading with you on Goodreads, too. Bisous. x