DIY deep thinking/play

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On New Year’s Day, a group of amazing ladies spent three hours reflecting, connecting, and dreaming at the New Year’s Salon. In case you, too, would like to set aside time to do something similar, I wanted to share the “recipe.”

Start by getting centered (try this 13-minute meditation) and then contemplate these questions:

1. What is my intention for 2020?
2. How will I know if I’ve met this intention?
3. How do I most want to grow in 2020?
4. What do I want to experience in 2020?

Next, review your responses and consider sharing them with someone (a pet, person, plant—anyone!) and explore these additional questions:

5. Highlights/lessons learned in 2019.
6. Complete a Seasonal Life Review (found in the Daybook and Year of Tranquility) and rank the different areas of your life on a scale of 1-10. Note a few SMART action steps to increase areas that feel lower than you’d like them to be.
7. Why did you choose the intention from #1?
8. You explored how you wanted to grow and feel, along with what you wanted to experience in 2020. Picture yourself a year from today and write in the present tense about how this unfolded for you. Describe it in detail.

Again, share these. Writing them down and speaking them aloud give them more power and imprint on your psyche.

Finally, pull together an assortment of images that speak to your answers above. This could be actual cutting and pasting from magazines or creating a board on Pinterest. Share the board and post it where you’ll see it regularly as a primer to manifest what you want more of in 2020.

Voilà, you’re off to an intentional start! Bisous. x