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happy president’s day!

i wanted to share some fun news:

  • insightful info on my publisher, inner ocean. in addition to being incredibly receptive and wonderful to work with, they also are eco-friendly. they print thier books on 50% postconsumer recycled paper with the recycled portion processed chlorine free. as a result, they save the following resources:

26 trees
1236 lbs of solid waste
11,215 gallons of water
2,429 lbs of net greenhouse gases
4519 KW hours of electricity

  • on the latest show #129 of podcast 411, the host suggests that a podcast with an audience the size of hip tranquil chick’s is in the top 5% of all podcasts. considering only 10% of podcast listeners are women, this is even more impressive. we have such a dynamic group of listeners and i’m honored to have you as part of this growing community.