intentions for 2007

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we’re beginning to settle into 2007 and life is becoming “normal” again (whatever that really means). i’m about to put on a CD and launch into a reflective home practice, but before doing so, i wanted to share a few of my intentions for 2007 with you (because, as well know, we’re more likely to achieve goals when we put them out there to others). so here they go, in no particular order:

1. design a fabulous one size multi-wear piece for TranquiliT
2. find the perfect partner with a group of 9-12 grade girls to launch the Tranquil Space Foundation’s signature program
3. return to running (i ran 50 minutes once in 2006 and was sore for days)
4. continue to deepen my own practice and teaching (i’ve signed up for a one-month teacher training mid-april through mid-may with jivamukti)
5. carve out weekly reflection time on fridays
6. determine what is next for my personal and professional growth
7. grow our charity community at tranquil space through volunteer days, sponsoring of aids orphans, and more karma yoga events
8. i’d love to say “play more, work less” but my work is my play. guess it is a matter of balance. hope to take an almost full day off per week for down time with beau
9. design and implement weekly tranquil tips to go out in addition to the soon-to-launch hip tranquil times
10. read 2 books per month (rather than skim 50)